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Sleep Issues

Most jelibeans have difficulty either getting to sleep or staying asleep. Many of them stay up through the night! But how to correct it?


MELATONIN to the rescue. Did you know that in the United Kingdom it is not available unless prescribed by a Consultant Child Psychiatrist? Yet in USA and other countries it is available over the counter.

  • Did you know that Melatonin is natural? It is a SLEEP REGULATOR hormone - NOT a tranquilliser or sleeping pill!
  • Did you know that Melatonin is commonly used in children on the autistic spectrum with GREAT success?
  • Did you know that Melatonin was gentle and safe?


To provide a child with a decent clean, night’s sleep is paramount. But to get to a Child Psychiatrist in the first place for some is very difficult. So what to do? Let’s bring this very simple, important issue to the attention of those that count. Starting today!