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I keep forgetting what I am saying? Is that a jelibean thing?

Did I tell you that....................?
Oh and by the way......................
Did I remember to tell you.......................?
Um, er , um what was I talking about.............?
Now where was I ......................?

Senior moments? Um no I don’t think so, if they are then I really am going mad as my 15year old jelibean is as guilty as I am. We both have far too much ADHD.

Who in your family is telling you a tale about work one minute and then is in full flow about how cheesed off they are with etc, etc? Do you dread it when you know that you need specific information and quite frankly, it's easier to pull teeth than to get to the information.

My son was giving directions to a driver the other day, a local who was unsure of the new road system, a never-ending maze of roundabouts, one way streets and low bridges. Technically it should have taken no more than a couple of minutes. A flask of tea later, and a shake of a hand, the poor driver could have been to Land's End and back - we're over an hour away from there, if you’re wondering. Still he’ll never forget us in a hurry.

How embarrassing is it to start off a real good yarn, get interrupted for a millisecond and totally lose track? Now we've not covered this before have we? I won’t dwell on this for long but it is a real problem. This ridiculous short-term memory lark. Seriously, I even interrupt my own train of thought! Apparently I am reliably informed that marshmallows only do this if they are tipsymallows or sleepymallows. That’s correct folks, we jellybeans don’t have to be either!

Actually this only came to light very recently when it was pointed out by a marshmallow friend that she had never witnessed anyone go further off track than me and my eldest son, also gifted with ADHD. During a heated debate we each constantly interrupt our OWN chain of thought and can't get back on track. No one had bothered to point it out to us before.

Really, can’t you see it yet, how really irritating us jellybeans can be. Look at it in another light and actually it’s pathetically funny in a strange kind of way. You see we like to decorate everything, a bit like I’m doing now, coming up with regular new ideas that last a heartbeat before the next one knocks it out of line! Yes I know we like lines - conveying everything imaginable on our never-ending belt of thoughts and confusion.

This going-off-the-subject lark is another good reason to get yourself a top of the range EDIT program installed in your brain one under the guidance of an expert programmer: PREPARE, PAUSE and PARTICIPATE.

1. Think in your head about what you need to say, not what you want to say. Cut it down in your head, bullet points are good and if that helps you, great! Explain to those around you that it may be easier to talk in short sentences and ask them to bear with you. It’s a good way to learn and you’ll be both surprised and delighted by the reception. Cutting things down will give your memory a chance to store only the vital information, no point in fogging it up with rubbish that you should have chucked out with yesterday's takeaway.

2. Stop and think about the timing, is it appropriate to talk? We're about to explore this in a minute so for now take my advice and PAUSE.

3. PARTICIPATE, slowly and carefully, following the plan you had in your head. See? Easy peasy, and everyone understands you and you haven’t gone off the subject or added some pointless decoration – you haven’t put a cherry on top of the Christmas tree! Well done!

Again using pictures, we can teach our little jellybeans how to SEQUENCE.

Anyway getting back on track, oops, the early year picture and pop up books are very simple sequences. Spot the Dog, Spot goes to bed, Spot goes for a walk, Spot’s Birthday party. These books stay on track, and show us in very easy ways how to signpost ourselves to remind us where we are.

Create landmarks in your head, a beginning, a middle and end. Know where in the story you are, and it's easier to get back on track. How many of you forget which level of the multi storey you parked on, ending up getting very hot and bothered as you unravel the puzzle? If you had taken the trouble to CONSCIOUSLY remember landmarks you wouldn’t be er hmm um lost! These little incidents are just the same as conversation, think of it like a journey, navigate via bullet points

So it maybe that half of this article could be deemed repetitive or unnecessary, but hey I am a jelibean and finding editing for meaning and sequencing a tad tricky. So in answer to the question - YES it's a JELIBEAN THING :)