Is Autism scary? Superpowers?

Q. Autism sounds scary, does everyone have  a superpowers?

A. Don’t be scared! Being different also means being special. Being on the spectrum gives us a few super powers as well as difficulties! Many will have very specific special interests that they become experts in (I know everything there is to know now about Marshall Amps!). Attention to detail is second to none, we don’t miss a trick!  Jelibeans rarely lie (Check out Oppositional Defiance Disorder) often getting very upset if they are blamed for something they didn’t do! Jelibeans also have very hyper and hypo sensory issues which go unnotices. My son’s hearing could pick up the super high frequency of a bat yet he can’t hear his teacher telling him to concentrate! He loves tomato ketchup but hates the texture of tomatoes in his mouth.  Communicating is a bit of a problem sometimes too! We say things we don’t mean, repeat ourselves, look blankly into space sometimes and blurt out inappropriate words at inappropriate times! It is all part of being a jelibean! But you won’t find anyone harder working, more eager to please or keen to try, we may not be the easiest people to deal with sometimes but if you give us a chance we often rise to the challenge the best way we can.