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Some jelibeans although they may have difficulty 'listening' have super acute 'hearing'. They hear everything from a ticking clock  in another room to the gentle whirring of a fan .....and it could be for them - PAINFUL.

Some jelibeans have HYPERACUSIS a hypersensitivity involving sound.

Imagine being able to hear multiple conversations all at once? Or at a party where for you the volume of the music has been turned up to the max. Maybe you are at a school play and the actors voices SCREAM at you? Even the sound of water dripping from a tap sounds like torrential rain on a steel roof. Washing up is intolerable as the clatter of the plates crash in our heads. People with hyperacusis cannot just switch off to external auditory sensations. They walk around with it constantly, there is no rest, NO PEACE.

We live in a naturally NOISY world. For some jelibeans headphones, ear defenders and hands are required to block out as much noise as possible. The  LOUD noise is deafening quite literally. Even the sound of their own voice is too loud. This impacts every day life hugely. Driving a car, catching a train, attending appointments, school functions, speaking on the telephone ..........the list goes on and the pain continues.

For many on the autism spectrum extraneous external noise is a major distraction and cause of discomfort. Many are referred onto audiologists for further assesement. For many jelibeans this constant barrage of sound can lead to meltdown. It is vital that each jelibean has a tailored profile to ensure that adaptations wherever possible can be made.