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This sense can also be super sensitive and cause all sorts of problems for a jelibean. Smell is very powerful and can evoke all sorts of memories in all of us. However for some jelibeans the sense of smell is so powerful that merely shopping and smelling someone's aftershave in the shopping mall can make them feel very poorly, sometimes physically sick. Some smells become so vile and so pungent that it stops or prevents jelibeans from living a full and free life. Many are not able to cope with being in particular buildings or places just because they don't smell right.

Who needs a gas detector when you have a sooper smeller around you. There is nothing that escapes them. Most are aware of the 'bad' smells and try and avoid them. The trick for many families is to REALISE what smells turn our jelibean off and try to adopt strategies that will help. Sadly we can't all walk around with nose pegs on.

Some jelibeans will smell their fingers every few minutes, some may just smell their fingers when they are eating. Everyone is different and all we have a unique blueprint of their dislikes and likes. For one jelibean the aroma of coffee bubbling away in the corner will be REVOLTING whilst for another it will be HEAVEN. We are all of us UNIQUE in our own special ways.