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Friends and Relationships

'The Diary' an essential accessory for a jelibean.


Welcome to the Friends and Relationships section. A jamboree bag of ideas and tips that may help identify and keep friends. We will be adding to this section regularly and as it is such a massive subject it will keep us busy.

There isn't just one use for a diary!Diaries are the essential on trend accessory for jelibeans. Perhaps not ONE but TWO....just in case. A diary is a very useful tool and has more than one use as you will soon see!

A jelibean and their memory are easily parted....we forget that our sister is getting married and turn up a week late to the venue but we remember the day we bumped our heads in primary school 30yrs ago! Diaries are not just a record of where we have to be on a particular day at a particular time. They are valuable tools that will allow a jelibean 'thinking time'.



The sheer volume of appointments, venues and professionals that many of us have to see requires meticulous planning. Jelibeans are not renowned for great planning skills sometimes! For some of us a diary becomes as important to us as our cars! That and the demands of daily family living heaps pressure on a jeliparent. It is no wonder many jeliparents feel overwhelmed and exhausted. A diary can provide an instant record of commitments previously arranged. It is very easy for a jelibean to agree to something that actually they cannot fulfil. This is not deliberately to annoy you, it is just unless it's written down it doesn't exist!

Using a diary to allow a jelibean to plan is a great help. Often when we are asked to do something on a particular day - consulting our diaries may just give us the time to THINK. Easy when you turn pages to find something already booked on that day (even if the page is as yet empty!).

"Ooops seem to have something else pencilled in on that day, can I check back with you?"

Phew, that gives us time to 'consider' our options. And we haven't said YES or NO!



Diaries can offer us an excuse to. "I'm so sorry I appear to have left my diary at home/office/friends house etc, I will have to wait until I have checked"

Diaries can offer us security and peace of mind. Our overtired and weak memories can take a break whilst your diary takes the strain. Many families have a big office diary at home and a smaller personal diary in their pockets.

Diaries are no longer just paper books. Mobile phones, netbooks, internet tablets all have diary facilities on so their is no excuse. It just takes time to get into the habit. Once a jelibean gets a system that they like and works, it will be there forever.