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Autism and the Genes

Q. So how do you get it? Can you catch it or did I do something wrong when my child was a baby? I blame myself.

A. No you can't catch ASCs nor can you contaminate your child with mercury or any other chemical! Nor is it 'caused' by vaccines, although some vulnerable children sometimes have a feverish reaction to some vaccines.



The MMR vaccination has been the subject of much controversy in the United Kingdom specifically but much of that research has been found to be flawed and the doctor responsible for the report is currently under investigation by the United Kingdoms professional body for doctors. Here at Jelibean we recommend strongly that every child is protected by this vaccine.

It is Jelibean’s belief based on much academic research that being on the spectrum is mostly genetic. So look around you …who else has always been ‘different’ in your family…or maybe it's you! If so WELCOME!