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Diet and Food

Most jelibeans love sugar and carbohydrates? Tea with your sugar? Main course or pudding? Or is your house like mine littered with sweetie papers?

Did you know that most jelibeans love tomato ketchup but won’t eat tomatoes!? No it is not JUST your jelibean that won’t, it is the majority! Seems that our Glycine chain is a bit wobbly too! Ooh dear so many wobbly bits, no wonder we get all upset and confused sometimes! What to do? Food issues are a difficult one and something here on Jelibean that we do admit we struggle with. I have 5 children and I am as fussy as the kids! So when I dish up 4 or 5 different dishes, is it any wonder?
Maybe Jamie Oliver could offer some solutions! After all he too is a jelibean. Maybe someone reading will pass on the message!