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The big problem with jelibeans is they never know when to stop. Is that what you think? I know it's what I've always told myself, but actually, all our children do have a variety of different functions that can be installed and learnt. Let's look at some of them.Boy running



Oppositional Defiant Disorder

  • Arguing for the sake of it? Confrontational all the time?
  • Knowing you couldn’t possibly get it wrong?
  • Always having to have the last word?
  • Deliberately controversial any time, any place anywhere?

Yes I agree, everyone is guilty of that, but the majority of the time? For jelibeans it seems that plenty of time is spent moaning and arguing over the silliest stupidest little things. The label 'ODD' on it's own is to me offensive. But descriptive it certainly is - Oppositional - the act of opposing or resisting, being in conflict, Defiant - open or bold resistance to or disregard for authority, opposition or power, challenging attitude or behaviour. Personally I think the letter 'P' could be added for Provocative - a move that will induce, or cause, certain symptoms or effects, to deliberately cause annoyance or anger. Many children and adults will just know which buttons to press to really get you going! 


Jelibeans and Marshmallows (aka neurotypicals!)

Imagine a sweet shop, you know, one of those really old fashioned ones, the ones with a bell that rings as you open the door, the shopkeeper with his white pinny on, standing behind the counter, guarding the array of jars that line the shelves - the smell, colour and variety of those jars, scores of different types. Standing proudly in the centre are two jars, side by side, one full up to the rim of the lid with jelibeans, and the other full of marshmallows. Both jars are appealing and eye-catching for different reasons.



Pocket Money

Do you have a jelibean who is draining all your resources and leaving you with nothing more than an empty bank account? Or maybe your jelibean is completely oblivious and doesn’t yet realise money exists?
Most jelibeans are fascinated with objects, gadgets and collecting the latest card collection plus albums to go with it. Sadly many of these gadgets and cards get lost or abandoned when something more interesting comes along. But try telling the bank manager that.Stack money
Many parents operate on a supply on demand system, their children get what they want as and when they can. So what are we teaching our jelijuniors/seniors and teens? That money isn’t an issue for them to deal with? I wish someone had taught me the value and meaning of money earlier.
I was surprised when it was suggested I handed over pocket money every week – but on the proviso that it was earned. At first I didn’t think I could afford to do that, however now it saves me a FORTUNE!
Jelibeans by enlarge have no money management skills. It is either that they stash it away or watch everyone else pick up the tab OR it burns a hole in their pockets and just evaporates. So let’s teach them the value of money from an early age. It’s funny how the designer deodorant you have been buying for ages suddenly gets substituted with an economy brand – when they have to pay for it themselves!