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School - when it goes wrong

School hasn't always been easy for my jelibeans. Some days I've been called by distraught staff several times and asked to please remove them, for one offence after another. Just as I've got one home, the phone rings again, and we're off to collect another red jelibean who totally forgot that Policeman In His Head and left it to someone else to tell him that singing in a French exam is a punishable offence, especially if you do it at the top of your voice!

To be fair, it's not always their fault, or mine, even though I have been known to whizz through the school gates on a Tsunami Mission to Destroy some hapless teacher, because I've HAD ENOUGH. In the past, I was furious when they couldn't understand, especially when one school decided they didn't like the taste of my littlest and sweetest jelibean who was untidying their exam and League Tables results. He lost a whole year of school through lack of support and care from the Head. As my jelibeans point out to me, some of the worst and least understanding teachers are jelibeans, too. It stands to reason, I suppose!